For 2015 we had photos in two calendars:
the "2015 Shetland Sheepdog Puppies" calendar by Brown Trout
the "2015 Revival Animal Health" calendar
Calendars for 2015
(Brown Trout & Revival Animal)
< This is "LaKoda" as a puppy. She is "Miss January" in this Brown Trout calendar.

This photo by Zandria Muench Beraldo was taken on an old buckboard seat that we have.
< Here we have a photo from many years ago taken by us "over the shoulder" of Pam Marks when she was out at our place for a "photo shoot". These two puppies are also on a "January 2015" page.

We remember that the Mother of these two was a female named "Cheyenna" but we do not remember the names of these puppies (it was many years back).