Other Items That Are Useful :

Puppy Food -

We supply you with a small bag of "Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy Food", but it is
only eniough to last a few days. It is a good idea to pick up a bag of this food BEFORE your new family member comes home. If you want to change to another brand PLEASE see the directions in your "Puppy Book"!

Small Puppy Bed -

You may want to pick up a small size bed for your new family member to sleep in.
Ones that are washable are a good idea !

Exercise Pen or Dog Gate -

The foldable wire "exer-pens" are a great way to keep your puppy confined to a
given area of your home. They are available at most pet stores and both Petco &
PetSmart have a good selection. They are less expensive by mail order and you
can contact us for places to shop over the Internet or look in your "Puppy Book"
from us.

If you are going to keep your new family member in a room (such as a laundry
room) you may want to get a "Dog Gate" so your puppy can have some contact
with the family, but still remain in its "Area". These are available at most pet stores
and by mail order.

Potty Pads -

We always send home a small package of these. They are a GREAT training aid in
housebreaking! You will probably go through about 2 per day until your new family
member is fully trained, so pick up enough (you DO NOT want to run out at a bad
time). You can get these by mail order at a big savings as well !

A Potty Pad Holder -

This is a fantastic invention. It holds the "Potty Pad" down and stretched out and
makes it harder for the puppy to drag it around as a "toy" (it will NOT stop the
puppy from playing with the pad all together however).

A Toothbrush & Toothpaste -

We send home a "starter" toothbrush, but you should get another one and some
dog toothpaste before you run out (see the directions in your "Puppy Book").
Other Items You May Want To Get
We try to supply most of the items you will need to get a good start with your new puppy, but  -  -

These are other items you may want to pick up if you are getting a puppy from us -
photo below of "Denver" at 6 weeks of age