The photos below are all from the
2005 Pet Lovers - Shetland Sheepdog Desk Blotter !
2005 Calendars
From Brown Trout Calendars - ALL photos by Zandria Munch-Beraldo, Palm Springs, Ca.

This is the BrownTrout Publishers "Puppies" 2005 Diary.

Two of our puppies are in the photo on the page for April 17 to April 23.

This photo was taken in our front yard in our first "puppy shoot" with Zandria

Both puppies went to their new homes shortly after the puppy shoot !

"Charm" (the female on the left now lives in Moreno Valley, Ca.
and "Maverick" (the male on the right) now
lives in Yucaipa, Ca.

BrownTrout seems to like this photo and uses it here and there in the calendars over the years.

We still get updates on both of these dogs and they are both doing fine and are the (pet) loves of the owners lives !
This is the inside page for April 17 to April 23, 2005 with the photo inset in the bottom right corner                   >
Larger Photo
Brown Trout Calendars
2005 Diary
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^ Here is the open page (October 23 to 29, 2005) with the photo of one of our puppies from a few years back holding a plastic pumpkin. 
^ This is the front cover for the
2005 Weekly Engagement Calendar
< We don't know for sure - but this looks a lot like a male pup that we kept from a litter in 2003.

If it is - then this is "Shayne" (a full brother to "Shiloe" on the "plate" but a year older.

We did not put the plastic pumpkin in his mouth - that was his idea and Zandria was ready !!!!
This "Desk Blotter" is an "Academic Calendar" and runs from July 2005 through June 2006.  We have ONLY placed the photos from the 2005 portion on this web page.  To see the photos from 2006 - please click on that page.
This is the 2005-2006 Shetland Sheepdog "Academic Year Calendar"

A male puppy named "Tucson" (he now lives in Corona, Ca. with a Sheltie friend named "Harley") is on the March 2006 page.

Zandria decided to start using brite colors about 3 years ago so that her photos GRAB the eyes of the editors.
Brown Trout Calendars
Shetland Sheepdog
July 2005-June 2006
Academic Year Calendar
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Brown Trout Calendars
Pet Lovers
Desk Blotter
Shetland Sheepdog
July 2005 - June 2006
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July 17th *
July 21st *
July 30th *
* July 17th 

2 puppies from the second photo shoot that we did years ago.  The pups are in a little wooden wagon with a bale ofstraw behind them.

* July 21st

This is another shot of "Tucson" wih the ame background as is in the 2005-2006 Shetland Sheepdogs Academic Year Calendar above.  Here "Tucson" is setting in a pink bucket.

* July 30th

This is a puppy setting with "Sonora" (our model) .
August 18th *
August 23rd *
* August 18th

This is "Tucson" once again - this time with confettii around him !

* August 30th

This is two 4 1/2 week old puppies from the second photo shoot taken with a gold pan as a backdrop and fresh flowers in front !
October 12th *
October 14th *
October 22nd *
October 27th *
* October 12th

This is our "model" - Sonora with a pumpkin and leaves.  In this photo we DID NOT glue her ears down as we often do.

* October 14th

This is a photo of a beach sceen (we brought in sand that you can't see).  The 2 male puppies are "Shiloe" (not the one we kept) and "Kahlua".  Both these Shelties now livein Oregon.

* October 22nd

These two puppies are from a photo shoot abou 4 years ago.

* October 27th

This is "Sonora" once again !  Here she has a brown background to go with the "Fall" theme we were shooting.  As usual she is getting along with and watching after a puppy that is not hers (Sonora has never had a litter - but we keep trying).  Once again Zandria was ready with her camera at just the right moment !
November 8th *
* November 8th

Once again we have "Sonora" (again with her ears NOT GLUED) now in a beach sceen (not that you can tell).
That is all for 2005 !

To see the 2006 section of Desk Blotter photos please go to that year.

As you can see we had NO photos in September or December of 2005 in the desk blotter (I guess we can't be on every page).
August 30th *