2006 Calendars
from Brown Trout Calendars - Zandria Munch-Beraldo, Palm Springs, Ca.

2006 Shetland Sheepdog
Weekly Engagement 
This Is "Sonora" on the page for September 17-23, 2006.

Once again she is with puppies that are not hers (in this case - her sister's puppies ("Sedona")
< Here is a close up of the same photo.

We are truely blessed to have the Shelties that we do.

We love to place puppies in new GOOD homes and we loveour little photo shoots.
< This is th cover of the calendar the photo of our Shelties is in.
Brown Trout
2006 Shetland Sheepdogs
Weekly Engagement Calendar

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This s the second section of the 2005 - 2006 Academic Year Calendar - Desk Blotter for Shetland Sheepdogs.

The photos from 2005 (July - December) are in the 2005 calendar page - 

Here are the photos from 2006 !
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^ January 18, 2006 *
^ January 23, 2006 *
* January 18th

This is our "Model" Sheltie ("Sonora") this time next to a crate with 3 of her sisters puppies.  We love it when a calendar uses a photo with one of our crates in it (they all have our name on the end of the crate).  As is usual "Sonora" just stays where we put her and watches the puppies.

* January 23rd

We know that this is our front yard - but cannot remember the names of these two puppies.
^ February 17, 2006 *
* February 17th

Here is a sable & white puppy from 2002 in a pose next to a small wicker chair (he refused to sit in it).
^ March 12, 2006 *
^ March 31, 2006 *
* March 12th

This is "Sonora" once again !
This time it is just a close up - head shot.  This simple blue background is one we usd in 2003

* March 21st

These two pups are from a very early "Beach Shoot" with Zandria. The puppy on the left is "Kahlua" - unfortunately we have lost track of the other puppy.


* March 31st

This is a 4 1/2 week old puppy from our second photo shoot ever.  The flowers were fresh ones that Zandria picked up on the way to our place.
^ April 14, 2006 *
^ April 27, 2006 *
* April 14th

These are two puppies smelling flower petals.  This was the same photo shoot as the February 17th shot above.

* April 27th

This is "Charm" setting in a gold pan in the very first photo shoot.  "Charm" now lives in Moreno Valley, Ca. along with her mate "Lucky" (a male purchased from us earlier.  The owners favorite cereal is - you guessed it - "Lucky Charms".
^ May 24, 2006 *
* May 24th

This was going to be an Easter sceen with the flowers and basket (we had eggs - but Zandria told us the photo would not be used with an Easter theme to it).

 * May 30th

Once again this is a 4 1/2 week old puppy from the second photo shoot.  The puppy is in our small crate with a gold pan and a bail of straw behind the puppy.
365 Days of
2006 Calendar
(affiliated with Brown Trout)
We have two puppies in this calendar.
"Tucson" (who now lives in Corona, Ca.) is on the May page and "Sonora" (as a puppy) 
is on the December page.
"Tucson" is "May 6th)  ^

"Sonora" is December 24th  >
< "Tuscon"

"Sonora"  >
^ March 21, 2006 *
May 2006 >
^ May 30, 2006 *
< Cover (none of our Shelties here)
< Back Cover (none of our Shelties here)
365 Days Of
2006 Calendar

by Brown Trout
ISBN 0-7631-9601-0
We had a total of 15 photos in this calendar
and you can see them all below !