2006 Danbury Mint plate
"Bedtime Prayer"
by Simon Mendez
"Bedtime Prayer"

We were told that "Danbury Mint" and the artist Simon Mendez
do not use a dog more than once - so you can guess how
surprised we were to find out that "Shiloe" was picked to be the puppy on another plate (his THIRD) ! 

We have ALWAYS felt that "Shiloe" was (and is) an extraordinary
good looking small Sheltie and is is gratifying to find that
others feel the same way.

We once again thank the photographer (Pam Marks) for her GREAT work.

We understand that "Bedtime Prayer" will be released in late 2006 or early 2007!

cropped photo of "Shiloe" as used for the plate
Original photo of "Shiloe" and his Aunt "Sonora" by Pam Marks from 2004

"Bedtime Prayer"
is sold out and
no longer available from Danbury Mint.